24 April 2014
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The aim of CAM Youths is the formation of Christian Life Communities, made up of men and women of discernment for apostolic service in all spheres of life, especially where lay people are most actively engaged: family, profession, politics, education, etc. Each community is seen as a life-long accompaniment to each individual member. The life of each community is to be characterised and lived out on three core principles, namely friendship, spirituality and service. Mission or service: the effectiveness of the community is directly related to the amount of energy it is giving up into sharing itself with others. This is done both through personal and group initiatives, with special emphasis laid on the fundamental option for the poor and needy, again in line with MSSP traditions, charisma and spirituality. Such service cannot take place outside the context of friendship and spirituality.  

The Third World Group (TWG), Koperattiva Kummerc Gust (KKG) and Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali Malta (Kopin) agree to set up the Forum for Justice and Cooperation to work together towards the elimination of poverty and injustice in their various forms. As full members of the Forum the three member organisations endeavour to: share physical resources, e.g. premises, hardware etc.; share expertise and knowledge; allocate human resources efficiently; coordinate their programme of activities; respect each other's autonomy. The full members of the Forum commit themselves to prioritise the needs of the other Forum members whenever opportunities arise.      


Inizjamed is a non-governmental, secular, non-partisan organisation founded in 1998 in Malta that is committed towards the regeneration of culture, education and artistic expression in the Maltese Islands and actively promotes a greater awareness of European, Mediterranean and global social issues. Inizjamed has a team of Maltese and foreign advisors who are experts in fields as diverse as sociology, political science, the visual arts, cultural studies, the environment, development co-operation, fair trade, and design, and a Supervisory Board whose task it is to see that the organisation's structure and projects reflect its cultural manifesto and guiding principles. In its work, Inizjamed focuses on issues such as culture and art, Global Citizenship Education, North-South collaboration, Fair Trade and gender equality.    


Integra Foundation

Integra Foundation is a Maltese not-for-profit and non-religious organisation working through community development and empowerment to facilitate the psychosocial integration of marginalised populations into mainstream society in Malta, with a special focus on refugees and asylum seekers.    


Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice (Malta)

The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice (JCFJ) belongs to the Maltese Province of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuit order). It works to support activities aimed at promoting social justice, to reflect on, raise consciousness and seek solutions to social problems and injustice in the light of the Christian faith. The Centre has a practical commitment towards asylum seekers and refugees. Migration, and its darker dimensions of racism and xenophobia, is one of the priority areas of the whole Society of Jesus. The Centre is presently the national focal point in Malta for the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC). In this regard, the Centre is responsible for issuing a yearly RAXEN (European Racism and Xenophobia Information Network) report, in which local data on racism and xenophobia in the areas of employment, education, legislation, housing and Maltese society in general are collected.    


Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international catholic non-governmental organisation, set up by the Society of Jesus in 1980. JRS is now present in 60 countries worldwide. The mission of JRS is to accompany, serve and defend refugees and forcibly displaced people. JRS Malta, founded in 1993, focuses on the plight of asylum seekers in detention, offering them legal and social assistance as well as spiritual service. At the policy level, JRS Malta works to bring about improvements in the field.


Kare4Kenya is a non-profit NGDO based in Malta working to help Kenyan children reach their potential while working with youths and parents to help themselves and build a better future. K4K consists of a group of people from Malta and Kenya, working as one in order to achieve their mission in improving the lives of Kenyan children through education. K4K regards education as a vital and essential factor that allows people to achieve economic independence, improve and protect their own and their family's health, and build and participate in society. Kare4Kenya's mission is to improve the lives of Kenyan children by providing educational opportunities.    



Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust (KKĠ) is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1996 with the objective of fighting poverty in poor countries by promoting Fair Trade and challenging unfair rules and regulations in the current “World Trade” system. The organisation is an active member of IFAT (International Fair Trade Associations: a network of over 300 Fair Trade organisations from 70 different countries) and a member of CTM Altromercato. KKĠ runs the only Fair Trade shop in Malta, which is il-Ħanut ARKA in Valletta.  


Kopin (Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali) is a voluntary organisation based in Malta which works in the field of North-South cooperation. Kopin was launched in public during a seminar on "The Policies of the European Union with regards to North South Cooperation" held on 24 June, 2000. Although Kopin is not bound to any other organisation it has good relations with a number of Maltese and foreign organisations. Kopin is a member of the Forum for Justice and Cooperation and a founding member of the National Platform of Maltese NGDOs.    




Mission Fund is a lay Catholic organization set up with the aim of assisting all Maltese missionaries, and is in conformity with the Voluntary Organisations Act, 2007. At present 223 missionary stations in 40 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe receive regular donations of 1,200 Euros on a roster basis, while the seven Maltese Bishops in Kenya, Brazil, Honduras, Libya and Albania each receive 2,400 Euro. Maltese missionaries use donations to build schools, clinics and shelters for the homeless, to buy medicines, pay hospital fees and maintain vaccination programmes, and to better the lives of so many persons living below the poverty line.    


Moviment Graffitti is active against oppression and exploitation of people, environment and animals, with a vision of freedom and radical democracy. Moviment Graffitti is active in various areas such as social justice and protection of the environment. This includes the years-long activism in local environmental and social community struggles, and activities for the emancipation of the working class, for peace and neutrality, civil rights, human rights (such as the rights of asylum seekers) and animal rights. Moviment Graffitti has organised various activities that were concurrently taking place around the world, such as events against capitalist globalisation and in favour of global social justice.   

The Peace Lab (John XXII Peace Laboratory) is a voluntary organisation which has remained active for well over 30 years.  It runs an extensive adult education programme through various radio programmes and newspapers.  Its founder and director is Fr. Dionysius Mintoff, who is still active in his 70's. The premises are located in Hal-Far, across the road from Lyster Barracks, and near the closed and open centres for irregular migrants. Since 2002, the Peace Lab has hosted migrants in its grounds - initially 20, but now around 50, all adult males. Starting in 2006 weekly medical clinics have been organised not only in the Peace Lab premises, but also in the Hal-Far Tent Village, and the two Oiwas Centres in Hal-Far.  An internet cafe' was opened in 2009. Among other activities, the PeaceLab organises the annual John XXII Gold Medal. Since 1966, this has been given to children in Malta and Gozo who have shown kindness and generosity to less fortunate people in need of help.  


Share Foundation

The SHARE Foundation is a voluntary, non-governmental organisation established to assist in the development of projects designed to alleviate human suffering and to improve the quality of life for destitute people in low-income countries. Besides acting as a fund-raising organisation, SHARE strives to promote the exchange of education and widespread awareness of the plight of underprivileged people. The aim of this website is to inform potential benefactors and collaborating agencies about the SHARE Foundation’s mission and to disseminate information to those with similar interests who might benefit from the Foundation’s knowledge and experience.    


The Third World Group is a voluntary, not-for-profit NGO, founded in 1974, committed towards Third World issues and people who live in "depressed" areas in Malta and abroad. It was Mother Theresa’s way of thinking that was highly influential in forming the values of the first few members of the group. TWG supports volunteers to go and work within homes run by the Sister’s of Charity all over the world. The group has organised summer camps in Palermo and Reggio Calabria (Italy), London (England), Cairo, Alexandria and Moquattam (Egypt), and Jimma and Alamatta (Ethiopia), to help emarginated people, children coming from families with social problems, and sick and hospitalised persons. Inspired by their experience in the Group many members of TWG offer voluntary work in Peru, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Albania, Uganda, and Guatemala. TWG is also active within the Maltese communities, particularly in places with a high concentration of social problems, on issues related to sub-standard housing, illiteracy and the lack of basic material necessities, and through awareness-raising campaigns.  



The St Jeanne Antide Foundation (based at Ċentru Antida) and its predecessor Sr Laura Tanti's "SJA Welfare Campaign." The St Jeanne Antide Foundation (SJAF) is a non-governmental voluntary organisation set up by the Malta Province of the Sisters of Charity of St Jeanne Antide Thouret in collaboration with lay persons. SJAF is a registered NGO with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. It is run by a Chief Executive under the policy authority of a Governing Board. Its establishment was the result of a total restructuring of the "St Jeanne Antide Welfare Campaign" that had been set up and run by Sr Laura Tanti soc since the late sixties.



Associate Members of SKOP


The Arabic Culture Information Society (ACIS, formerly known as Arabic Language Centre) opened in 2004 and offers Arabic language training and celebrates many Arabic and Maltese occasions by organising events and meetings. In this way, both the Maltese and the Arab community learn about each other’s cultures. Aims of the centre are (i) to teach Arabic with the easiest ways and at very affordable prices to all the people interested, (ii) to organise activities and outings so the students can meet Arabic friends and improve their Arabic and (iii) to build friendships between the Maltese and Arab communities through cultural activities. It promotes inter-cultural dialogue and fosters awareness-raising of social, political and religious issues.    


Zminijietna is a leftist movement, representing persons with various backgrounds: workers, academics, university students, trade unionists, journalists, intellectuals and pensioners, and members of the Communist Party of Malta, the Malta Labour Party and Alternattiva Demokratika (The Maltese Green Party). Zminijietna has become the voice of the left movement in Malta.  The main aim of Zminijietna is to have a greater presence in Malta’s civil society through activism from a leftist perspective, emphasising the principles of equality, social justice and ecological sustainability.    


Missjoni Etijopja

For further information visit the website or contact info@markcaruana.com





The Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) was set up in June of 2001. It is run by a committee of volunteers that is elected annually at a statutory annual general meeting.  
MGRM strives to achieve full equality for LGBT people in Maltese society; a society that enables people to live openly and fully without fear of discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.





Greenhouse is a non-faculty based Student Organisation from the University of Malta set up in August 2008 with the intent to establish a permanent environmental organisation at the University. Over the first years Greenhouse established legal recognition with the NGO Commissioner office and later also became a University Senate recognised student organisation. More importantly the name of the organisation has been familiarised with the student public and University administration together with the values it incorporates. During its second year of activities the Organisation expanded its scope to include a number of development related issue such as Human Rights, Migration, Integration of vulnerable groups and Inter-Faith Dialogue. A trend which through our participation in the Global Action Schools to Communities we are hope to be strengthening together with other SKOP members and the University public. Furthermore, we have endorses the Earth Charter an international initiative which helps Greenhouse reaffirm its holistic desire to see a transition to a harmonious and peaceful sustainable society.



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